“Me” jewelry is introduced, allowing a new way of balancing privacy and personal expression. The Chinese Communist party adds to the international unrest with a surprise announcement. Sensor technology is on the rise in city networks and surveillance.


“Me” jewelry is introduced. Stylish bracelets and other jewelry contain short-range sensors that reveal various pre-selected pieces of personal information to devices in the neighborhood. This way, people can simply choose what to share by picking the right jewelry to wear. Shops and restaurants use this to offer tailored advertisements.

In July 2021, the Chinese Communist Party celebrates its 100-year anniversary. In a major speech, the “peaceful reunification” of Taiwan with the mainland is announced, causing military tensions between China and the USA. Read the story.

Large European cities adopt sensor technology to manage pollution, congestion and crowd control. The technology gives unmatched insights in citizens’ behavior.

The Estonian privacy supervisor deploys a completely electronic and transparent system that screens privacy policies using an AI and allows users to do real-time updating of consent preferences. It is fast and efficient, and open to anyone with an e-residency in the country so it quickly becomes popular with privacy-minded IT savvy people. Generally, the Estonian supervisory authority is friendly and competent and no private organizations rise to demand consent.

In California, Tesla deploys the first fully self-driving car, operating by AI. Singapore invests 50 billon dollars in AI research in cooperation with the prestigious Tsinghua University of Beijing, China. It is later revealed a large part of the research is focused on social “re-education” of the population, giving somewhat of a taint to AI research.

The German ZZP initiates a collective lawsuit for damages from a German e-tailer that has used personal data without permission.

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